1) the solid surface of the earth; firm or dry land
2) earth or soil:
stony ground[/ex]
3) land having an indicated character:
rising ground[/ex]
4) Often, grounds. a tract of land appropriated to a special use:
picnic grounds; a hunting ground[/ex]
5) Often, grounds. the foundation or basis on which a belief or action rests; reason or cause:
grounds for dismissal[/ex]
6) subject for discussion; topic:
to go repeatedly over the same ground[/ex]
7) rational or factual support for one's position or attitude, as in a debate or argument:
on firm ground[/ex]
8) the main surface or background in painting, decorative work, lace, etc
9) psl the background in a visual field, contrasted with the figure
10) fia a coating of a substance serving as a surface to be worked on, as in painting or etching
11) grounds, dregs or sediment:
coffee grounds[/ex]
12) grounds, the gardens, lawn, etc., surrounding and belonging to a building
13) elm a conducting connection between an electric circuit or equipment and the earth or some other conducting body
14) navig. the bottom of a body of water
15) the earth's solid or liquid surface; land or water
16) mad
ground bass
17) situated on, at, or near the surface of the earth:
a ground attack[/ex]
18) pertaining to the ground
19) mil operating on land:
ground forces[/ex]
20) to lay or set on the ground
21) to place on a foundation; fix firmly; settle or establish; found
22) to instruct in elements or first principles:
to ground students in science[/ex]
23) to furnish with a ground or background, as on decorative work
24) to cover (wallpaper) with colors or other materials before printing
25) elm to establish a ground for (an electric circuit, device, etc.)
26) navig. to cause (a vessel) to run aground
27) aer. to restrict (an aircraft or pilot) to the ground; prevent from flying
28) cvb inf Informal. to restrict the activities, esp. the social activities, of, usu. as a punishment
29) to come to or strike the ground
30) spo to hit a ground ball in baseball
31) phv+spo ground out, baseball to be put out at first base after hitting a ground ball to the infield
Etymology: bef. 900; ME; OE grund, c. OFris, OS grund, OHG grunt II
[[t]graʊnd[/t]] v.
1) a pt. and pp. of grind
2) reduced to fine particles by grinding
3) having the surface abraded or roughened by or as if by grinding

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